Ranges Closed

All ranges will be closed on Saturday June 25, 2016 from 11 AM until 4 PM. Club is reserved for a private party at this time.



Parking Lot Improvements

We have had improvements made to our parking lot in order to keep the puddles and mud at bay in the winter and spring months.  The lot was scraped of 8 inches off the top, a fabric barrier installed, and 8 inches of crushed stone put over the fabric. Here’s a look at the new lot.





Indoor Range Abuse

  We are finding a lot of abuse on the indoor range. The upper baffles are being shot excessively, please be aware of your muzzle. The photo below is of the sheet metal on the side wall with the wood structure that supports it. There is no excuse for this type of damage on the range. Everyone please get your act together and put a stop to this sort of stuff.

Since this photo was taken and posted here, we have found even more damage to the side sheet metal structure. Please be certain when you are shooting that all your bullets will hit the steel backstop and no where else in the range.








Summer Defensive Pistol

Again this summer we are going to run a defensive pistol shoot.  There are 7 dates which are posted on our calendar page, first shoot is May 23 at 6 PM.  Cost to shoot is $5 for the entire season.  Course of fire will be 12 IPSC targets and possibly a start plate some nights.  On occasion there will be pop up, drop, and swinger targets mixed with the static targets. You will need to shoot each target 2 times.

Equipment you will need is:

Center fire gun with proper ammo.  Belt mounted holster. No shoulder or pocket holsters allowed.  Magazine pouches to carry extra mags.  Ability to carry a minimum of 25 rounds of ammunition at the start of the course of fire. With 12 targets and a start plate, you will need at least 25 rounds. Having more than 25 at the start would be better.



Range Procedures:

  Please take the time to check the “Range Procedures” page.  This has been put up so members will know the proper procedures to safely use both the indoor and the outdoor range. It also explains what targets are appropriate.

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