Range Procedures:

  Please take the time to check the “Range Procedures” page.  This has been put up so members will know the proper procedures to safely use both the indoor and the outdoor range. It also explains what targets are appropriate.


Looking for Help:

We are seeking out a member of our club who has experience with web site design and procuring a domain name. If you are a member and could lend us a bit of time to help us with the procedure to set up a domain which the club would have control of, please use the “Contact Us” link on this site to let us know.


Membership Full:

Once again our membership has reached maximum capacity per our by-laws.  Any new applicants will be put on a wait list and processed in the order that their paperwork is received.



  We have added a new page to this site with our class schedules and information about each class.  New classes have been scheduled, check out the “Classes” link at the top of this page.


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