Targets At The Range:

Please read the range procedure page on this site.

These are not for the indoor range. These are provided for the outdoor range to be clipped on the small stakes for shotgun patterning. If you shoot indoors, please bring your own targets. When you are done shooting, take your used targets with you, we do not have trash service at the club. Please be considerate of the members who do the work at the club to keep the place nice and don’t leave trash behind. Finding a lot of shot up targets left on the desk and also on the outdoor range target stand.



Steel Plate Shoot:

  We are holding a steel plate shoot on Thursday night October 6, 2016 at 6:30-8:30 PM.  No charge for this shoot, it’s just a fun night.  Standard format, 50 rounds per match in 10 shot strings. Come join us to shoot or just to see what plate shooting is all about. You must have a pistol permit to shoot this event or be between the ages of 14 to 21 and have your parent along.


Club Closed:

The club and ranges will be closed on October 9, 2016 from Noon until 4 PM as there is a reservation for a private party.


Bullseye Pistol Shoot:

  Bullseye pistol shooting returns to the club this year.  Beginning on Nov. 1, 2016 and continuing until March 31, 2017, bullseye shooting will be held every Tuesday evening from 6 to 9 PM. These events are for .22 LR pistol in standard bullseye format of one hand shooting at gallery targets 50 feet downrange.  A match consists of 10 rounds slow fire, 10 rounds timed fire, and 10 rounds rapid fire for a total of 30 rounds per match. If interested or if you want more information give John Muscarella a call at 338-3598 or just show up at the first night of shooting.


Range Procedures:

  Please take the time to check the “Range Procedures” page.  This has been put up so members will know the proper procedures to safely use both the indoor and the outdoor range. It also explains what targets are appropriate.


Outdoor Range Improvement:

Thanks to our president Bob who has completed the rebuild of the floor at the outdoor shooting bench. New Trex decking has been installed after leveling the platform. Check it out, just in time for the approaching hunting season sighting in activity.


Membership Full:

Once again our membership has reached maximum capacity per our by-laws.  Any new applicants will be put on a wait list and processed in the order that their paperwork is received. There are currently two people on the wait list.




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