Remington Recall:

To our members who may have one of these, please check if you need the update done to your gun.  If you own a Remington Model 700™ or Model Seven™ rifle with an X-Mark Pro® trigger, you may need to have it repaired through the recall. You can check your serial number on Remington’s website. Better safe than sorry.

New Facebook Page

If you are part of the Facebook world give us a “Like” on our brand new Facebook page!

Follow the link:


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Sign In Log Book

There is a sign in log book on the desk when you enter the club.  Please be sure to sign the book whenever you are at the club, have any guests sign in too.  The log is not just for when using the range, you should sign it when you are there for any reason whatsoever.

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Annual Dues

The date to get your dues paid has passed. If you did not pay your dues for the coming year, it will now cost you the $45 dues plus the $45 initiation fee to regain your spot on the membership role.  We have a few people who have not paid and we have numerous applicants waiting to join the membership.  Our Constitution spells out the dates when dues must be paid and the consequences if they are not. The location of this information in the Constitution is at Article III, Sec. VI, Par. C and Article IV, Sec. VII if you care to read the wording.

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Two of our members have the NYUnsafe Act yard signs and stickers available.  Signs are $5 donation each and stickers are $3 donation each. If you wish to obtain any, call Ron Holt at 797-8736 or Ed Stelzer at 732-3070 to make arrangements.

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