Steel Plates Returns:

Steel plate season returns on Thursday December 3 at 6:30 PM. These shoots are for .22LR pistol and consist of five strings of fire of 10 shots each for a total of 50 shots per match. Matches cost $1 to shoot, coffee is free, and we draw for a door prize every week. Every Thursday night through the end of April with the exception of Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. We will run a couple tournaments on Saturdays during the season, one in February and one the last Saturday of April.

Beginners Pistol Class:

We are holding another class for beginner pistol shooters. This class is aimed at those who have recently received their pistol permit and wish to get some hands on instruction on the proper use of their pistol. Class will start at 9 AM and run until approximately noon or a bit after. No fee for this class but there is a limit of 8 people per class. To register send your name in an e-mail to  You will need your gun with 50 to 100 rounds of ammunition (more is better), eye and ear protection, and your owner’s manual if you have it.

Winchester/NRA Qualifier Shoots:

Again this winter we will be offering the Winchester/NRA Qualification shoots. This year we will be shooting Defensive Pistol I and we may start Defensive Pistol II if time permits.  Def. Pistol I will have a round count of a minimum of 200 rounds for the entire program. This is defensive pistol so centerfire guns will be the preferred firearm. You will need your gun and at least 2 magazines or a revolver and 2 speedloaders.  We will be shooting every other Monday, dates of the shoots are 1/4/2016, 1/18, 2/1, 2/15/, 2/29, 3/14, and 3/28.  Shoots will start at 6 PM each day. Targets will be D-1 (also known as Bianchi) targets at 21 feet. Cost to shoot will be $5 for the season, you can sign up and pay on the night of the shoot. If you wish to get Distinguished Expert qualification you will need to be an NRA member. All other qualifications do not require membership. Hope to see lots of our members there.

Sign In Log Book

There is a sign in log book on the desk when you enter the club.  Please be sure to sign the book whenever you are at the club, have any guests sign in too.  The log is not just for when using the range, you should sign it when you are there for any reason whatsoever.

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Range Procedures:

  Please take the time to check the “Range Procedures” page.  This has been put up so members will know the proper procedures to safely use both the indoor and the outdoor range. It also explains what targets are appropriate.


Found:  We have found a knife at the club that someone left behind. If you lost a knife contact us with a description through the “Contact Us” link on this site and we will make arrangements to get it back to you.


Pistol Permit Safety Class:

  We are pleased to announce that we will now have the class that is needed to obtain your Oneida County pistol permit paperwork. Ron Sutphin will be teaching the classes at the club.    Classes run from 9 to 5 on scheduled Sundays or 5 to 9 for two nights during the week.   If you, a friend,  or a family member wish to take one of the classes you will need to preregister by calling Ron at 225-1813.  Ron is offering these classes each month for our members, family, and friends.   Check the Calendar page for dates. Cost of the class is $35 per person.

Please be aware that the club ranges will be closed during the times these classes are held.

Key Cards:

Under no circumstances should you ever loan your door key card to a nonmember of the club.  We have had an incident where a nonmember used a card to enter the club and use the indoor range with a second person.  If you are caught loaning your card to a nonmember, you will lose your membership in the club.


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